There are three words that sum up my career at this point. They are change, destiny, and love. However, My road to love had to go through change and finding my destiny first. After graduating from Florida Atlantic University, I worked in the financial industry. I liked what I was doing, but felt unfulfilled, something was missing. I wasn’t doing what I loved. I knew I had to make a change.

I decided to go back to school and pursue my passion, design. I earned my residential design diploma from the Art Institute and got the opportunity to broaden my skills and creativity as an apprentice designing the interiors of yachts in South Florida. Yacht design is so exciting because no two boats are alike, this really allowed me to tap into my creativity and develop something unique for each design.

After being in the yachting industry for a few years my world as I knew it changed. The birth of my first daughter was a huge change for my husband and I. We were thrilled to have a growing family and welcomed the blessing and responsibility of being parents. But I found myself at a crossroad, while trying to juggle being a new mom and a career woman I realized that I wouldn't be able to give both my all. So, I made the decision to take a step back from the yachting industry to be a full-time mom.

In true designer fashion, my first daughter’s nursery room was fit to be in a magazine, and I took this opportunity to try new things as I created this very special place. Friends and family that saw her nursery and were expecting children of their own asked for advice, tips and assistance. Some even asked for me to design their new nursery rooms. All of a sudden I was creating the path to A Jolie Designs future as I found what I should be doing while doing/designing it.

While I navigated the world of baby, necessity and function for my own baby girl, A Joie Design was born. Since our inception we have designed Nursery Room, Children’s Rooms and playrooms along with our studio office, Doctors’ offices, salons and just about every room in a Home along with the occasional yacht.

Though I have a new found love for all design, my passion remains in children’s spaces. I have the most fun in our family home as I get to experiment with all of my out of the box ideas! I even created tiled columns in our second daughters nursery! I pride myself in that the nursery room and children’s rooms that I design meet a happy median that I was accustomed to from learning interior design on yachts. The spaces must have: character, style, uniqueness and functionality all in smaller physical space. I started off with the saying: “tailored designs with your little one in mind.” Our slogan now boasts, “Tailored perfection through detailed design” we have however kept our name the same since our inception because as I started the process of transitioning my skills and services into a new business, I thought about name choices. I wanted a name that represented the love and inspiration that I feel and is expressed in my work. There was only one choice. My first daughter, the one that changed the course of a young apprentice’s life, Miss Aidan Jolie.

I am your unconventional designer/interior decorator/designer of all things. I do not fit in a box, and I would not want to. I proudly create every design based on your vision and I love and take deep pride in our A Jolie Design process. The process that allows me to watch every vision come to life and create happiness through happy spaces for each and every one of our very unique clients.

Justine Avila