children's spaces are our passion!

AJD Has a special place in our heart for Nursery Rooms, Children’s Rooms and Playrooms. Allow our designers to use our expertise to bring your children's imagination to life!

The Problem

The excitement of having a baby is an amazing feeling. With all there is to complete before your new bundle of joy enters the world, the planning process can get pretty intense. Every step in the pregnancy process, be it choosing the best doctor, best crib, or even “coming home outfit”, is ALL important.

However, you need not worry! A Jolie Design has developed a way to ease the sometimes-stressful questions that invade our minds like: “Which color should I use for the nursery?”  “What do I really need to be ready for the baby’s arrival?” “Wait, is this too expensive?” or even just, “Oh my! I really need some help…NOW!”

It’s safe to say that creating a nursery room is truly chaotic and sometimes even overwhelming. Thankfully, AJD is here to make these exciting, yet sometimes anxious moments run that much smoother!


Our Solution

Not only do our designers at A Jolie Design help restore “sanity” to the insane world of preparing for a baby by helping parents revamp their little ones’ rooms, but we also provide these services at flexible costs by offering service options that fit your different budgetary needs.

The designers at AJD pride themselves in creating welcoming and loving environments for both you and your child. Although we do strive to create a room that encompasses fun, we are also mindful to add colorful accents that can help assist with your baby’s overall growth and development. Not only that, but AJD incorporates modern sleekness with true functionality. For example, our storage solutions remain a part of a room’s theme, without them being overpowering. By adding a trendy accent lamp, or a simple ‘mommy and me’ area that both baby and mommy can enjoy every night at bedtime, AJD is truly a top-notch, family- oriented company!

As a mother myself, I put my experience and knowledge ‘to the test’ to ensure that every nursery is as useful, peaceful, and functional as possible. If A Jolie Design creates your nursery, we also like to be an integral part in helping transition that same baby nursery into a fun toddler room, and even beyond!  We may not be there when your little one takes their first steps, but we will leave the blueprint for their room to grow and change with them. Entrust this very special space with our experienced designers, and let us bring your vision to reality, all while giving you peace of mind.

Currently serving: Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties.